It’s been a long time to find
I gotta leave it all behind
It’s been a long time to find
That I don’t even know what’s right

I don’t want to be your baby
You can always call me crazy
You’re alone


“I’m sick of losing myself,” she said.
“Why am I bound to feeling numb?”

I said, “Hannah. Everything will be okay.
We’ll make it out someday.
But everything takes time.
And it’s an uphill climb.”

In the breeze I hear a song;
it’s telling me to follow you.
Down the street there are trees;
up and down the avenue.
And I can feel the sky so blue,
up and down that avenue.
Yes, in the breeze I hear a song;
now I will always follow you.


The letter opens as I take it out to read,
“I’ve been missing you. And tragedy is all I see.”
So go ahead now girl, and tell me what you need.
“A letter hone would help set my mind at ease.”

A letter home, is what she needs from me.
A letter home, is what I want to be.

“My minds been keeping busy since we can not speak,
and with all these thoughts of you I can not sleep.”
So go ahead now girl, and tell me what you need.
“A letter home would help set my mind at ease.”

And I said,
“Baby it’s been a long time
that I’ve had you on my mind.
And lately, I’ve been going down,
and I need you all around.”


The eyes come out, the sky it moves;
so come on baby now and pay my dues
for me.

In the darkness sleep has taken her,
and the window; my theater,
it entertains thoughts of sleeping hills awakening
and growing upwards; becoming mountains.
And lighting crashes out my window.

In the night, I can hear my soul calling
for me.


The time has come and the day is done,
so I close my eyes and I take to the skies
on a midnight flight into the night.

Don’t worry I will return.

Too many days gone by
counting clouds way up in the sky.
I know I’m ready; I’m gone.

Don’t worry you’ll see me again;
you’ll see me when the day begins.
For tonight, I’m dancing with moonlight;
but don’t worry, I’m coming home to you.


I’ve got to blow away the black covering over my bright eyes.
To see through to you my love.

Everyone is gone, and we are all alone; give me words to say to you.

Master of melody, speaker of tongues, give me words to say to you.
‘Cause I don’t feel right when you are not around,
and I can think straight too.


I can’t say that I have felt this way too many times before.
Being with someone who always shows me how to be more.
More of what I want and what I need,
is what you’ve given to me.
So baby won’t you say you’ll stay with me,
my heart is beating once more
with love.

Blood flows through my veins
when I’m sitting next to you, my love.


I laid down my graces and I said “good-bye.”
For fear that my inspiration would subside.
I knew there was a place that I needed to be,
’cause when I would try to write I
feared my inkwell had run dry.

All I needed
were dreams.

It’s all the same; don’t want to live that way.