Kyle Wedding Trio

Kyle has the unique ability to both perform live music and/or DJ for weddings. He is able to learn requested songs for the wedding ceremony and/or cocktail hour, hire additional musicians to accompany him, DJ throughout dinner and dancing, and emcee the entire event. Customizing the music and atmosphere for each wedding is truly his passion.


Dan & Bri

“He personalized playlists for us, provided his own updated equipment, ran the music during and after the ceremony, and all for a reasonable price.

On top of everything else, Kyle is a musician. He has a wonderful voice to go along with his acoustic guitar. We had him “strum and sing sweet nothings” during our cocktail hour which created a great atmosphere.

From playing our precessional song at the right moment, through strumming his guitar and singing during the cocktail hour, and playing a great mixture of danceable classics during the late hours, Kyle was an integral part of making our wedding memorable.”

Phil & Cayla

“Kyle did a great job blending seamlessly with our wedding’s theme from cocktail hour to the dance. The live music during cocktail hour and dinner was a great backdrop to greet and mingle with old friends and family.

My wife has three sisters. Each of them told me they’ve never seen their father set foot on a dance floor. At our reception he only took a break to eat! And that was true for all the guests. There was literally not any time that there weren’t at least a dozen people on the dance floor (and not just the teenagers/twenty-somethings!) because he just kept picking the right song to keep the crowd going!

Kyle handled everything like a seasoned professional and took all the pressure off us creating the soundtrack for our special night. Thanks Kyle!”

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